Best of Gothic Rock 2019 v1.0


The Dark Kult of Tavolzhanka

DKT is about chaos, it’s about change, with no new age silliness, no goth theatrics, no dry academic memorisation. Although, DKT is still about a lifestyle, along with the music. Unlike other cults we are not just interested in people who love to talk, people who have lots of friends and people who love to talk to their friends about the cult. We are not just about extroverts, on the contrary.  Extroverts tend to be popular, are frequently enviable and admired, but we don’t need them. We are not interested in the popular people, with Facebook groups and LinkedIn. We love people for their differences, and with us, you will become more, giving you unwavering acceptance and the feeling of belonging.We all want to belong. It’s one of the fundamental aspects of being human. You’re different, we’re different, and we’re in this together. Our community is built around a lifestyle, where behaviour, lexicon, and symbols are used, that separate our members from society. These things demarcate us from others, and enable us to recognise other members.  We have a cause to fight for, and causes to fight against.


Nothing is true, Normal is an illusion.

A promise we make is that we will never ask you for money, except for any donations to keep the Radio Station running, which are welcomed. Also we will not ask you to recruit new members, like other cults. However, we have membership, as membership contributes strongly to the members feeling of belonging. Membership is real, tangible and we have processes to encourage loyalty and camaraderie. We focus on our people, and their experiences, and always make mutual commitments.

Rave To The Grave Radio plays all kinds of dark music, and the DKT draws together all the strands of the dark alternative subcultures, embracing everything from industrial metal to synthpop and futurepop. If you have the dark alternative mind, then look at whether DKT is for you, no matter who you are, or what you do for a living or not.